Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back in the swing of things


4 and a half months have come and gone in our lives since adding a new addition to the Greeley clan, and I have to say these have been some of the most wonderful, exhausting, joy filled, and overwhelming days that I have ever lived!

Now that I am starting to get a better handle on this whole motherhood thing I thought it was just about time to restart my attempt at blogging!

My husband can attest that there is nothing I like more then sitting down with my coffee while J. has his morning naps and catching up on my favorite blogs. It has always seemed to be to be a great way to capture a families memories in a way that will never be lost (I guess unless the internet becomes obsolete).

So I leave you here with a few recent pics of my little munchkin and my resolve to stay dedicated to this for at least awhile:)

More to come soon!


Jacob's newest trick is standing (with support) without us holding his hands

Happy boy on his way to church

Hanging out in the Jolly Jumper while I put yet ANOTHER hat on him... poor child...

So this is Jacob's latest thing to do during tummy time (which he still just tolerates... usually for no more than 5 minutes)

I finally can reach my toes!