Tuesday, June 8, 2010

7 Months

Wow! Has it really been 7 months since I gave birth to this sweet beautiful boy? I cannot believe how quickly time flies!!

Jacob this month we have seen you grow and develop into your own little personality more than any other month. You're starting to have favorite toys, games, and foods. This is actually the first month that you have really started "playing" with your toys. You love picking them up, chewing on them, banging them on the ground and waving them in the air! Your current favorites are Sophie, your teething keys and your "skwish".

You are sitting so well now, but every once and awhile when you get excited you forget that there's nothing behind you and fly straight backwards!

You've continued to be a great eater and so far have tried: Brown rice, oatmeal, pears, applesauce, bananas, sweet potato, squash, and avocados. So far your favorites are sweet potato and banana, but you are excited to eat at just about every mealtime. I've been making all of your food (which is actually a lot easier than I thought, thanks to the magic bullet!)

You LOVE books! You could sit and look at your books for ages. I think you may just be a bookworm like your mom:)

If you could be doing anything it would be standing. You've been able to support yourself on an object for awhile now and the other day you started shimmying sideways while standing in your crib, and actually stood for a few seconds with no support. Mommy is not ready for a walker anytime soon, so I hope you stay at this stage for awhile:)

You are definitely an outdoor boy, and are so happy playing in the backyard or going to the park. I'm glad it's summer time, and am hoping for lots of sunny days to play outside!

As much as you LOVE standing you HATE being on your stomach! This is the face I usually get when I put you down for "tummy time". I have tried everything (rolled up towels, a mirror, getting down and distracting you) but guaranteed you will start to get upset within 5 minutes of being "face down". That being said you are still getting stronger and have started to pull up and get on your hands.

Your 7th month also bought your very first cold. It only last 24 hours but you had one miserable night with a fever and stuffed up nose and very little sleep! We are so blessed to have a healthy little boy!

You seem to have worked your self into a nice little routine. You go to bed between 630-7pm and tend to sleep 11.5-12 hours at night (Praise the Lord). You still take 3 naps for the most part (1.5-2 hours in the morning, 45minutes - 2 hours in the afternoon (we're still working on getting a consistent afternoon nap) and a short 30 minute cat nap before dinner.) 2-2.5 hours is about all we can get out of you before you're ready for your next nap.
I haven't had you weighed since your 6 month apt. but it seems like you've really grown a lot since then! You wear 6-9 month clothes for the most part (although you still fit into all of your 3-6 month pants) and 12 month sleepers.

I can't believe I'll have a 1 year old in 5 months!! Yikes!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Visit to Newfoundland

We had a short but great trip to Newfoundland this weekend to visit Adam's parents! It's always so relaxing when were there and this time was no exception! After the long day's we've been putting in around the house it was so nice to spend a few days with no plans, good food, and great company!

WE ate fantastically while we were there and I'm sure I gained a few more unwanted pounds between Alma, Keith and Brenda's great cooking! Perhaps I will wear a muumuu this summer instead of a bathing suit:)

Jacob did great traveling. Adam and I calculated that he has now been on 10 different flights... quite the world traveler at such a young age. I was worried he wouldn't sleep well in a different house/crib, but he slept through the night all 3 nights and napped pretty well too! Yay for good sleep... I have been much better rested now that J is sleeping through the night again!

Now that we're back we really are "back to the grind". Adam started his job on Tuesday and has been going full force prepping to preach this Sunday! I have been wondering around the house aimlessly trying to figure out where to put everything that we have yet to find a place for.... wish me luck it seems this "moving" process is unending some days...

Hope you all had a great weekend!!:)